Barbour International and YMC Autumn/Winter 2022

I’ve been a Barbour International Man since I was young. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the new Barbour International and YMC Autumn/Winter 2022 collection! Two icons of British style have come together for a truly exciting collaboration. Motorcycle-inspired Barbour International has collaborated for the first time with independent brand YMC this Autumn and Winter.

This empowering collection takes inspiration from Barbour International’s motorcycle heritage and YMC’s functional fashion wear inspired by military and workwear garments to create an exciting collection of authentic, contemporary clothing. The collection features a choice of outwear styles including wax jackets, fleeces and casuals, tees, trousers and accessories.

YMC, Creative Director Fraser Moss said “It’s been an honour to work with the truly iconic British brand Barbour which has been in existence since 1894. We were asked to collaborate on their Barbour International label, the pioneers of the wax motorcycle suit and the legendary Original Green bike jacket designed in 1951. This jacket has been adorned by the likes of Steve McQueen and is as iconic as the 5-pocket Jean and the white t-shirt”

For the collaboration, I took classic details from the Barbour archive and put them through the YMC blender to recreate a modern take on the bike gang. Inspired by the Bosozoku Japanese subculture and our very own Ton-Up boys as well as cult movies such as On Any Sunday (1971), Some People (1962) and Kenneth Anger’s avant-garde Scorpio Rising (1963).”

Ian Bergin, Director of Menswear, Barbour International said “This is the first time that we have worked with YMC and it has been exciting to see how they have interpreted our archive. It is a collection that retains the authenticity and heritage of Barbour International and cleverly combines motorcycle, military and workwear influences in a modern translation of style.”