Beardplay by Jackson Montgomery Schwartz and Kari Burke

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Jackson Montgomery Schwartz is a queer artist who has been creating for almost 4 years in Austin, Texas. A self taught makeup artist and photographer, Jackson’s work is characterized by visceral textures, saturated colors, and overt sexuality. Kari Burke is a dancer, aerialist, choreographer, and model in Austin, Texas. She’s danced in ballet and modern companies, and performed with artists like Kanye West and Rick Ross. Kari continually explores varying styles and mediums of art to re-examine the human experience. Jackson and Kari collaborated on Beardplay to document Kari’s journey with gender play. Gender non-conformity is a huge part of both Jackson and Kari’s personal and artistic identities, and with this shoot they aimed to capture extremes of the masculine and feminine dichotomy. Beardplay is the result of their exploration.

Photography and makeup by Jackson Montgomery Schwartz /

Model and concept by Kari Burke /

Vintage pieces styled by Lauren Love /

Shot at Originator Studios /