Beauty Insight 2019: Revisiting the Beauty Tips by Tricia Cusden

The fashion and beauty gurus have a lot to offer. Well, this means that now, we can look forward to impeccable wedding trends also. There is no denying the fact that a wedding is an exciting occasion for the bride and the bride’s mother also. The mother wants to showcase her happiness by looking her best on her daughter’s wedding. For all mothers who plan to celebrate their daughter’s wedding in 2019, there are some exciting updates ahead that you must try out by all means. We will talk about some beauty tips by Tricia Cusden who is a beauty vlogger.

Beauty Tips That the Bride’s Mother Must Remember

Now, the problem with most of the bride mothers is that they get engrossed in selecting the mother of the bride dresses. They pay the least attention to the fact that the makeup is also essential to look your best.

Do Not Apply Makeup on A Hot and Damp Face

As per beauty vlogger Cusden, it is essential that the mother of the bride spends some time and effort on her makeup. The mistake most moms do is that they are in such a hurry that they apply makeup on a hot and damp face when they step out of the shower. The truth is that the makeup results will not be perfect if you practice this approach on your daughter’s wedding day.

Apply A Primer

It is vital that you should not forget to apply a face primer on your face after you apply a moisturizer. When you apply a primer, then the benefit is that your skin gives a smooth look, and the makeup lasts all day without a problem. It will not be a bad idea to apply an eye primer as well so that your eye makeup lasts all day.

Follow the Right Approach to Apply Foundation

Most of the mothers of the brides do not pay attention to how they apply the foundation though it is critical to follow the right approach. What most moms do is that they apply the foundation on the face with their bare hands. If you practice this method, then remember that you will not get a smooth base.
The wise approach is that you should make use of a brush to apply makeup on your face. Make sure that you blend the foundation well. It is also essential that the mother of the bride should not apply beauty products that have SPF. The reason is that it gives flashback in the photographs.

Some women believe that they need to put a lot of foundation on their face if they want it to last all day. The truth is that the perception is wrong and the mother of the bride should avoid overdoing things.
Make sure that you stick to the mentioned tips if you want to look gorgeous. If you plan to go for mother of the bride dresses tea length, then try out the makeup in advance to see what best suits your face and outfit.


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