Bedroom Tales

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Creative Direction by Avi On Asayag and Or Porat. Photography by Tom Marshak. Models are Ouri Perez, Gal Medvejer and Niv Fridman. Fashion and style by Avi On Asayag.

A dancer and an artist living together as a couple for almost six years. Mikael is from Croatia, and his life partner, Aner, from Tel Aviv. They maintained a steady life routine during the lockdown which included poetry, wine, and making love during Twilight till dawn. One night they decided to explore their relationship through a new experience with the help of Jonathan.  They welcomed him to their home for the night… and then from that night, he ended up staying the whole week.

“I am Avi On Asayag, and I am 28 years old from TLV. I am an artist who uses fashion as a tool in order to pronouns my inner feelings. I don’t believe in gender identification.

Seductive collections for the bedrooms are usually made for women from a binary perspective that these is their role and the men should be the conqueror. ‘BEDROOM TALES’ is a lingerie collection for people who inspired by women’s lingerie from the 20’s-40 made out of silk and velvet. Reading about Stonewall riots and me trying to understand the feeling of self-erasing queer community out from the public space were the starting point for the collection and the understanding that a big part of the community couldn’t be themselves because of Social construction who dictated them how to act in and outdoors.

I wonder, if In those days, fashion who designed small and in using muted colours, could make u stop during the Instagram scroll? does use high-quality fabrics matters in an ear when big fashion house, and not only, are making cloths only for big fashion shows?”

Creative Direction by Avi On Asayag / Instagram: @avi_on
Or Porat / Instagram: @or.porat
Photography by Tom Marshak / Instagram: @tommarshak
Models are Ouri Perez
Gal Medvejer
Niv Fridman/ Instagram: @niv_fridman
Fashion and style
Avi On Asayag/ Instagram: @avi_on