Behind the scenes with Cape Cub

Having already accumulated huge numbers of plays across streaming platforms with his previous self-released tracks, emerging artist Cape Cub returns with ‘Flowers’, the first in a series of three singles for LAB Records. A dreamy, hook-laden song about overcoming fear through the strong bond of a loving relationship, Chad Male, the producer and artist behind Cape Cub, once again showcases his natural flair for uplifting and rousing melodies. Take a look at the exclusive behind the scene photos capturing stages of the video as day turns to night.

The video for Flowers was directed by Cape Cub drummer Adam Mendum and is a collaboration with Middlesbrough based dance studios The Loft Studios and Tabs Studios. Featuring local dancers Ame Barnett, Callum Rayment, Kieran Price, Deryn Fowler, Megan Dury, Khan Rasul and Yasmin Rasul, the video showcases the wealth of creative talent which Teesside has to offer.

Adam explains, “We decided quite early on that dance was going to be a prominent feature in the video, the song just lends itself to that level of movement, and so we knew we needed to find the right group who could bring the ideas we had to life.”

“I initially went and met with Nadia El Manabaway, the owner of The Loft Studios in Middlesbrough, and just talked about the ideas we had. It was one of those situations where everything just immediately clicked, and she knew exactly what I was looking for straight away.”

Adam continues, “It was Nadia’s idea to invite in Tab, (Tabraiz Yousaf) who runs Tabs Studios, and he brought a whole ensemble of dancers up to the studio in the Forbes Building on Linthorpe Road. Very quickly we had this collaborative cast of hugely talented dancers from two different studios, some of which have national and international awards to their name. I honestly couldn’t believe that this amount of talent was right here on our doorstep.”