BERHASM “Chaos and New Order” fighting for Georgia’s freedom

KALTBLUT Magazine has always been a vanguard of cultural and artistic expression, and this year, we had the honour of witnessing an evocative collection at Culture Week Tbilisi. Making our debut at this dynamic event, we were introduced to the impactful Berhasm collection “Chaos and New Order,” a poignant homage to those fighting for freedom in the face of adversity.

Berhasm is an Eastern European fashion, arts and music collective based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Designer Beso Turazashvili founded Berhasm as a side project, creating a small line of T-shirts and hoodies for close friends to wear in the clubs. Over the past 3 years, the brand has developed into a full contemporary line for men, women and everyone else that mixes streetwear and 90s nostalgia with Eastern European rough aesthetics.

The brand is also known for collaborations with European artists, photographers, parties and influencers, which allows it to always speak loudly about social causes that Berhasm is known for. Dazed called Berhasm “a cult fashion collective” for its activity in covering cultural, political and social issues through its collections and campaigns.

Georgia’s Struggle: A Backdrop of Resistance

The collection’s inception is deeply intertwined with the current political climate in Georgia. Amidst the turbulent times brought about by the controversial “Russian Law,” which threatens the country’s Eurointegration, thousands of Georgians have taken to the streets in protest. This passionate movement for freedom and autonomy is mirrored in every stitch and seam of “Chaos and New Order.”

Concept Behind the FW24 Show

The FW24 collection, “Chaos and New Order,” is a manifestation of the emotional and physical turmoil experienced daily in Tbilisi. The creative team sought to encapsulate this duality, reflecting the city’s — and the country’s — rich history and uncertain future. The decision to stage the show in the first cinema building of Tbilisi, now a symbol of liminality, perfectly encapsulates the essence of a history-rich locale awaiting a new beginning that remains elusive.

This setting, in its state of flux, resonated deeply with the collection, intertwining the city’s narrative with a contemporary reflection on chaos and order. The location’s inherent juxtaposition served as a powerful backdrop, amplifying the show’s core message.

Aesthetic and Symbolism

The show’s styling was meticulously curated to echo the current affairs, drawing inspiration from the protests. The makeup — teary, red eyes reminiscent of tear gas — symbolized vulnerability transformed into hope and resistance. This aesthetic choice highlighted the powerful message that even in times of despair, there is strength and resilience.

Fashion, as always, serves as a mirror to the world around us. The “Chaos and New Order” collection is not just about clothing; it’s about creating a medium through which individuals can express their defiance and hope. Every outfit is a statement, a choice, an emblem of personal and collective narrative.

Fashion as a Tool of Expression

The collection underscores the inherent power of fashion to reflect societal issues. When donning these pieces, wearers are not just choosing attire; they are choosing to convey a message, an identity, and a stance. The “Chaos and New Order” collection provides this canvas, allowing each individual to embody the spirit of resilience and change.

In conclusion, “Chaos and New Order” is more than a collection; it is a testament to the unwavering spirit of those who protest, the vulnerability that engenders hope, and the continuous interplay between chaos and the emergence of new order. As we navigate these turbulent times, this collection stands as a beacon of reflection and resistance through the transformative power of fashion.