Berlin Atonal 2023 – Universal Metabolism

Richard Sides_A3

Berlin Atonal opened the Universal Metabolism exhibition today Monday, September 11th, from 4 pm to 9 pm. This extraordinary event immerses audiences in a captivating experience where art transcends boundaries and defies rigidity. Prepare to be enchanted by the ever-changing states and fluctuating intensities of the artworks on display.

Renowned artist Bridget Polk will be present throughout the exhibition, engaging with the audience and other works in a dynamic dialogue. By assembling precarious sculptural forms over time, she will redefine the essence of her masterpiece, Reclaimed Damages, inviting viewers to explore ephemeral reflections on the past, present, and personal aspects of the artwork.

Cyprien Gaillard
absorbent_figure_ 2023 courtesy of artist
Copy of Berlin_Atonal_23_day 1_©️Helge Mundt @studiomundt-4

Prepare to be mesmerized by Hidden Resonance X Kraftwerk, a groundbreaking sound installation by Rabon Aibo. Utilizing industrial gas cylinders transformed into sound-generating machines, Aibo’s creation intertwines with the old pipe infrastructure inside the Kraftwerk building. The resulting sound serves as a haunting echo from the past, questioning the changing contexts of our post-industrial age.

Acclaimed musician Ain Bailey presents Trioesque, a captivating musical composition that pays homage to jazz trios. Transformed for the Kraftwerk space, Bailey’s adaptation features original sound recordings captured within the underbelly of Deutz Brucke in Cologne. Be prepared to embark on a sonic journey like no other.

Experience the innovative roaming opera by Laxlan Petras and Yasmin Saleh. Without a fixed stage or permanent scenography, their frictive dialogues and proximities in space merge to create an immersive theatrical experience that challenges conventional norms.

Kraftwerk 9_
BA23 by Frankie Casillo
deborah stratman still from Last Things. devils postpile
James Richards Monsters

Mire Lee, a visionary artist, will present a breathtaking hanging fabric installation. Using worn-out, torn, and ripped fabrics dipped in viscous liquid clay, Lee creates an otherworldly environment. Over time, the clay absorbed by the “skin” of the artwork will gradually thin down due to water, resulting in a misty viscerally. This installation prompts reflection on human fantasies of technology and the inevitable decay and deformity that time imposes on us.

Prepare to be astonished by the revolutionary video installation “The Third Reich” by legendary theatre and opera director Romeo Castallucci. Making its debut appearance in Germany, this thought-provoking installation will be preceded by a symbolic performance in which a performer ignites language. The accompanying sound, composed by Scott Gibbons, will be undeniably exceptional.

Marco Fusinato brings us DESASTRES, an adaptation of his highly acclaimed work from the Australian pavilion at last year’s Venice Biennale. Throughout the exhibition, this ephemeral creation will appear and disappear like an apparition, leaving an indelible impression on all who witness it.

Vallie Export 4 BA23 by Frankie Casillo
Mire Lee 8 BA23 by Frankie Casillo
Mire Lee 8 BA23 by Frankie Casillo

Nastya Livadnova, a musical performer extraordinaire, invites you to her show titled ‘I Come as One and I Stand as 10,000 Paradoxes.’ Through the manipulation of ordinary objects, wide and sharp movements, and the creation of a debut music release, she crafts unpredictable narratives. Prepare yourself for a riveting experience accompanied by aggressive and melancholic sounds, culminating in a breathtaking display of 300 meters of paper soaring through the air.

Join Berlin Atonal 2023 – Universal Metabolism exhibition for an extraordinary exploration of art, music, and performance that transcends boundaries and embraces the transformative power of creativity.