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The Into the Open – Music Festival is set to captivate audiences from January 23rd to 28th, 2024, at the iconic Kühlhaus am Gleisdreieck in Berlin. This extraordinary event will showcase exceptional young musicians in unique ensemble formations, alongside renowned artists from diverse genres such as acting, NFT video art, dance, and electronic music. The festival’s vision is to reimagine classical music in exciting settings, creating ‘multimedia concert experiences’ that engage all the senses.

Upon entering the Kühlhaus, attendees will embark on an exciting journey into unknown dreamscapes with the ITO Experience. This immersive experience will be guided by captivating video installations, visual arts, electronic sounds, and delightful offerings from the bar. The festival concept places great emphasis on the ritual of entering, creating a seamless transition into the mesmerizing world within. The basement will feature video installations curated by the ‘digital artist’ Christopher Hönninger while videomapping by video and light artist Francois Schwamborn will transform the interior of the Kühlhaus Berlin into a unique and spectacular backdrop each day.

Tamisha A. Guy © Miguel Herrera


The second Berlin edition of the festival will feature a total of 6 concerts, highlighting esteemed institutions and names such as Martina Gedeck, the Barenboim-Said Academy, the Vision String Quartet, and the Staatsoper Berlin. These performances will also see collaboration with representatives from the ‘Free Scene,’ including underground icon Ion Ludwig and street-style dancer Tamisha A. Guy from New York City. Adding to the eclectic mix influences from Lithuania, France, and Georgia will be showcased, as well as two world premieres of compositions specially written for the festival, further emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of Into the Open.

vision string quartet © HaraldHoffmann

A noteworthy feature of this edition is the commissioning of two works by the French composer Samir Amarouch and the Chinese composer Ying Wang. ‘Mouvement’ by Samir Amarouch is an interdisciplinary piece for soprano saxophone, electric guitar, microtonal accordion, and 3 dancers, offering a reflection on perception, form, and time. On the other hand, ‘Double Wings’ is an audiovisual concept by Ying Wang for two identical instruments and two video projections. Additionally, an electroacoustic performance project inspired by the drone music of the 1950s-60s is in development, in collaboration with the prominent DJ and producer Ion Ludwig and the Stegreif – Improvising Orchestra.

Despite the complexities of the current times, the festival has successfully expanded its reach. Beginning next year, annual festival editions will take place in Berlin, Tbilisi, Vilnius, and Strasbourg. This significant expansion also brought about a name change: ‘Ins Offene..!’ is now known as ‘Into the Open.’

©Daniel Wetzel

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Into the Open is planned and conceptualized by RCCR Projects GmbH in Berlin in collaboration with Kühlhaus Berlin and the support of the European Commission and the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion Berlin.

©Daniel Wetzel



Tue, 23.01.2024, 19:30h

OPENING – vision string quartet x Francois Schwamborn (video mapping)

Works by Mendelssohn and from the album Spectrum

Wed, 24.01.2024, 19:30h

Orchesterakademie & Opernstudio der Staatsoper Berlin x Tamisha A. Guy (dance)

Works by Mozart, Gabrieli, Psathas, Cangelosi & Debussy

Thu, 25.01.2024, 19:30h

Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie

Works by Lucier, Venables & Kagel

©Daniel Wetzel

Fri, 26.01.2024, 19:30h

Part 1: Lithuanian Academy for Music & Theatre x Martina Gedeck (acting) Part 2: World premiere of “Mouvement“ by Samir Amarouch/Zoé Lakhnati Works by Berio, Balkatas, Mamlok & Dvorak

Sat, 27.01.2024, 19:30h

Part 1: Barenboim-Said-Akademie, Michael Barenboim (violin)
Part 2: Stegreif – The improvising orchestra x Ion Ludwig (Modular Synthesizer) Works by Mozart, Schönberg, Brahms & Drone-Music

Sun, 28.01.2024, 17:00h & 20:00h

AFTERSONG: Shavnabada Chor (Georgia)

Traditional Georgian vocal music accompanied by historical instruments from the region Ying Wang: Double Wings for two cellos and video projections (World Premiere)

Doors open for concerts daily 1 hour before the event starts.

©Daniel Wetzel
©Daniel Wetzel

KÜHLHAUS Berlin Luckenwalder Straße 3 10963 Berlin


Concerts: €25 / €16 reduced Festival pass: €50 / €30

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