During the midst of the pandemic, the two 29 and 25 years old, German and German/Dutch photographers Jonas Wenz and Eno de Wit, initiated a comprehensive fashion film project with the aim of shedding light on the mental health issues, developed by young people during the lockdowns and hard winters of covid-19. Knowing each other from university and being flatmates for three years, Jonas and Eno shared many of these experiences themselves.

The title BERLIN REHAB refers to the Kalkbrenner-movie ‚Berlin Calling’. Attractive cities like Berlin suddenly became empty, unappealing social deserts, in which many people and their mental health got lost. 
As a consequence, people started moving out of the big cities and searching for sheltered, peaceful places in the countryside. But coming from a busy, vogue town, they now appear like alien creatures and foreign objects in nature.

All outfits are designed and styled by Sofia Fuchs, a fashion designer who is now finishing her studies at AMD in Berlin, Germany. Born and raised in the Italian Alps she lives by commuting between the Mountains and Berlin. By that, she consumes culture, cultural heritage and society delivering an endless creative flow and new perspectives of fashion and style.

This S/S 2022 collection was created with the thought of people who are in constant search of freedom. To do so, they make delicate decisions and move further away from the system. Although they don’t quite manage to keep their distance, their creative minds seem non-acceptable in small conservative villages.

“Our work includes a fashion film, self-produced music and a photo-editorial on 120mm and 35mm film, which can all be perceived as individual elements, but combined to form a more comprehensive overall image.”

Direction, Production and Photography by Jonas Wenz and Eno de Wit / / Instagram: @jonasmaximilian_ &
Fashion Design and Styling by Sofia Fuchs / Instagram: @1.3.847
Cinematography by Paul Herzhoff / / Instagram: @paulherzhoff
The model is Ayleen Tuncer / Instagram: @ayleen.tuncer
Hair & Make-Up by Florina Maya Yvas / Instagram: @florinavyas
Creative Input by Julia Preiß / Instagram: @_julia_preiss_
Music produced by Florian M. Grass and Jonas Wenz / / Instagram: @dispens_music
Edit and Colors by Paul Herzhoff and Eno de Wit

Fashion Brands used are: Bottega Hardcore, FURLA, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Pinko, Dr. Martens, Guess

Instagram name of each brand: @bottega.hardcore @furla @versace @giorgioarmani @pinkoofficial @drmartensofficial @guess