Beyond Us – A night of immersive art honouring the transformative community born during the Berlin Black Lives Matter movement

BEYOND US is an immersive audio and visual storytelling experience curated by Kris Prunskis that honours the transformative community born in the Berlin Black Lives Matter Movement. Kris is an acrylic artist whose work focuses on harnessing her own experiences and relationships within her diverse communities. Born to a Lithuanian father and Black-American mother in the Chicago area (USA). Raised to embrace her cultural identity and view the world through an intersectional lens.

The exhibit will showcase Kris’ work as well as original pieces from Sedric Perry, Kimani Schumann, and Genesis Fulmer – all Black, Berlin-based artists who hail from different parts of the world.


About this event

Community is the beauty that has formed from the ashes of our despair. In a time when many of us already felt completely alone and dismantled, racial injustices and inequalities in underrepresented communities surged to the forefront of our social media, further deepening our social divisions. But it was through the pain of isolation that a miracle occurred that summer right here in Berlin. Black, Brown, Asian, White, Queer, and Femme forces combined to create experiences out of love for one another. By leaning on and learning from one another, we slowly began to rebuild the fallen, rubbled community around us with purpose and devotion.

Beyond Us is a visual and audio experience that takes us through this newfound collective strength. This exhibit tells the story of the magic that was harmoniously cultivated in the Summer of 2020 and continues to transform us individually and collectively on an international scale. This space represents the butterfly that fluttered its wings against all odds and caused a rainbow.


This exhibit will take 25-45 minutes to experience with the full audio. Guests will use QR codes to access exclusive audio and video recordings. Please bring a smartphone or tablet as well as headphones to get the most out of your experience.

This is a family-friendly exhibit.


€5 + fee – Online sales

€8 – Door price

Beyond Us is a not-for-profit event that is paid for entirely by the artist. If you would like to support this exhibit with a larger financial gift than the ticket price (€5), we graciously accept your contribution. You can donate on Eventbrite or at the show.


In the spirit of the community that inspired this body of work, we would love to see everyone at a nearby venue (TBA) when they have finished their tour of the exhibit. Join us for drinks, music, and celebration from 7 PM to late. More details are to be announced soon.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: KGP Productions (Kris Prunskis)

Kristin “Kris” G Prunskis is an acrylic artist whose work focuses on harnessing her own experiences and relationships within her diverse communities. Through the use of texture, manipulation of colour, and drawing inspiration from captured photographs, Kris imagines alternative ways to bridge the gap between the subject and the observer, aiming to cultivate empathy and nurture connections within multicultural and queer spaces. ​Emphasizing unity and togetherness, she is also dedicated to curating an international community of artists through the reimagination of their work in her own paintings. Website: | Instagram: @krisprun

ABOUT THE PRODUCER: Diamond Rain Collective

Diamond Rain Collective is a creative marketing business dedicated to the trailblazers of the universe. Operating out of Berlin, London, and the USA, Diamond Rain brings together its vast network of top creative professionals to produce unforgettable digital experiences and live events. Instagram: | Website: coming soon


All genders, orientations, and ethnicities are welcome. All attendees must respect the sanctity of this space by not participating in any hate speech, discrimination, or cultural appropriation. Event organizers have the right to remove anyone who does not adhere to these basic principles of respect.

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