Binta by Marie Daverède

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Marie Daverède. The model is Binta Joab. Styling & DA by Axelle Gomila. Make up by Élise Augé. Hair by Pauline Brunel. Brands are Gucci, KOCHE, COOL TM, Victoria Thomas, Happy Socks, Les Inconnus, KAPPA, Nike, Filling Pieces, Skirt BESFXXK, TEVA, BALABOOSTE, Diesel, Desigual x Maria Escoté, ANEIDA, Paris Re Made, PINKO, Issey Miyake, Anthony Peto.

Photography by Marie Daverède / Instagram: @mariedaverede
Styling & DA by Axelle Gomila / Instagram: @axla.__
Make up by Élise Augé / Instagram: @eliseaugee
Hair by Pauline Brunel / Instagram: @paulinebrunel
Model is Binta Joab / Instagram: @ytnib signed at @women360paris

Marie Daverède says: “I am a 32 years old French photographer. I have always been passionate about travel and photography and it’s mostly in all that I have discovered during my travels in different continents (Asia, South America, Australia) that I draw my inspirations in photography. Shortly before the pandemic, I left the south to move to Paris where there are so many talented and enthusiastic peoples to work with.”