Color the white cube spirit tonight with the BLACK PALM project. The rare edition and design collector platform is getting ready for their second pop up exhibition after a successful showcase in (abc) in Berlin. The conceptual and nomadic project curated by the artist Sonja Cvitkovic is about to turn the gallery space of ACUD into a 2 weeks esthetics experience. Joining their design and form reflexion the artists Henning Bohl, Birgit Megerle, Michele Di Menna, Mariechen Danz, Michaela Meise, Antje Majewski, Isabelle Fein, Inspektor Descloux, Juliane Solmsdorf, Nadira Husain, Yasmine Müller, Daniel Laufer, Ellie de Verdier, Anna Möller, Hanna Schwarz, Sophie Reinhold, Kerstin Cmelka, Urania Fasoulidou and Black Palm. KALTBLUT  got to know more about this in between art format:


KALTBLUT: What is black palm?

Sonja CvitkovicBlack Palm is a curatorial platform and will showcase a rotating selection of art objects, art editions, music and services with a commitment to innovative art across disciplines. It is a generous vision of art and economy with an analytical view on everyday objects.

KALTBLUT: Why did you chose this format online gallery shop?

Sonja Cvitkovic: Black Palm examine the intersection of aesthetic, artistic, social  and economic dynamics. The question about a geographical or physical space never really came up. I choose the digital platform because it became our most significant thing in our lives.

There will be physical exhibition like now at ACUD but not a permanent Black Palm Space.

The contrast between internet´s immaterial economy and everyday objects exploration in art is important to Black Palm. I invite the artists to create an art edition based on an object they use everyday which is real existing and I put it in an immaterial context of internet economy.


KALTBLUT: What a picture says more than a word?

Sonja Cvitkovic: I don’t have any in mind but I appreciate Skype icons and Facebook gif´s.

KALTBLUT: What will we find in your exhibition/Showroom in ACUD?

Sonja Cvikovic: I will show at ACUD project space all the art editions and art objects the artists produced for Black Palm.


KALTBLUT: How do you construct the picture or experience of Black Palm?

Sonja CvitkovicBlack Palm explores different fields. It is an everyday experience, an invitation to explore the digital power and social dynamics between individual and group. But beside all of this I´m mostly interested in the relationship between people and objects.

KALTBLUT: Do you produce art yourself?

Sonja CvitkovicYes, but recently less because I was so busy with Black Palm.

KALTBLUT: Name 3 things that you collect?

Sonja Cvitkovic:  1) Passwords 2) Folders 3)I don’t know yet.


Save the date for the  Closing party next of January 24th  with Kritzkom and Borusiade dj set.


WHEN Opening 09th January from 06pm

Open Thur- Sat  from 01pm – 06pm and by appointment