BLK WICCAN! Photography by Juan José P. Restrepo

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Art Direction by Juan José P. Restrepo. Model is Andrés Marimon. “I am a 23 years old fashion photographer from Medellín, whenever I do a photo shoot I am based in a story, my personal challenge is always to take out what I have in my mind and translate it in the best way in real life. I like playing with the human body, taking care of every detail and movement is my best friend, my main inspiration is the nature, art and music. Blk Wiccan is the story of how my mind loses control to commotion and then fall backwards in time, whispers “I’m having visions, we tripping,” then our bodies intertwine, we take a second to breathe in and then our energies they deepen.”

Photographer/ Art Direction by Juan José P. Restrepo
Model is Andrés Marimon Instagram:



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