Blog of the week: Chicos

NSFW18! Chicos is a public art, gay and independent project/publication that aims to achieve such plurality through records that will be made by Fábio Lamounier and Rodrigo Ladeira and/or their collaborators as well. The web page is filled with men photography.


“Since we were sixteen, we have lived with the (nowadays accepted and amazing) fact of being gay. If at the very first beginning it was sort of a burden – more as a consequence of others than of ourselves – now, almost ten years later, and after a lot of personal and social struggles, the desire of documenting in paper or screen those experiences that wrapped our construction of sexuality and identity — which now we own with pride — was always present. Not just exposing those experiences but also the narrow connection with our bodies in a society with such strong sexist archetypes and prejudice.”

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“And now, a bit older, alive and fairly healthy, yet with the same will of sharing that old idea of bringing together different experiences, identities, sexualities and bodies in a space where it all can exist without taboos. To teach ourselves that our naked bodies are beautiful, because we own them, as laborious and liberating as it can be.” says Fábio Lamounier + Rodrigo Ladeira

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