Body Image by Tristan Peter

Tristan Peter is an Image maker based in Brisbane, Australia. His passion is fed by many examples of creative expression. Tristan is naturally drawn to creating stories; either by his own imagination or something external. He teamed with with model Tim Bois to create this beaitful piece Body Image.

“‘Body Image’ is underpinned by my fortunate position of being able to capture beautiful people with my imagination. In this series I have highlighted the common internal struggle of having self-belief and a realisation that what we see in ourselves isn’t what others see in us.
In these images I have reflected my own inner-critic back onto the viewer, encouraging them to question their own body image. By sparking the questions of self-esteem, these images are a catalyst in starting to understand how we view ourselves. Viewers can use my images as a starting point for re-imagining what they see when they look in the mirror and try to realise that what we see in ourselves is often nothing like what others actually see us as.”


Instagram: @tristanpeter

Model is Tim Bois: Instagram: @timothybois