Book Club #22: Fallos By Marc Martin & Arthur Gillet

Fallos is the result of the collaboration of two artists: Marc Martin and Arthur Gillet. They both are fascinated by different hypostases of maleness, archaic as well as contemporary, and their work is informed by this obsession. The result of this  association is a beautiful book and an exhibition that will takes place from March 26th till May 5th  at the galerie Denker & Schneider in Berlin.

Mise en page 1

Arthur and Marc are at play: they play with the values of traditional manliness — efficiency, authority, domination, glory, force, power, technical prowess. They privilege the unseen and the intuitive; pleasure and utopia; chance and doubt; slowness and languor. Their favourite perversion is to illuminate the shadows that surround filth; to highlight the splendour of depravity; to glorify decadence. You can purchase FALLOS the book over here.

WHAT? FALLOS Exhibition

Kalckreuthstrasse 14 Berlin-Schoeneberg

WHEN? Opening 26th march 18:00/20:00  – Exhibition running till 5th of May



You can purchase FALLOS book over here