Photo by Guido Mencari

Book Club #25: The 2 of Us by Jon John

Berlin! Save the date for the book and film launch of Jon John´s THE 2 OF US! On Thursday 28. April 2016 at 8pm with DJ Julius Petit for the beats. Screenings continue the 29th and 30th 1pm-7pm @Rise Berlin. Jon John – co-founder of the famous AKA Berlin tattoo studio says about his book: “This performance has appeared in so many shapes, taken me to so many places in the world, and helped me to collaborate with so many artists. Many of these inspirational co-creators are now dear friends. More than just a performance piece, this work has been an intense process of self-discovery.  I want to share my personal journey with The Book and The Film : The 2 of us” FACEBOOK EVENT

Photo by Berenice V

The 2 of Us contributing artists: Ron Athey, Joey Arias, Paul King, Kiril Bikov, Alex Noble
Berenice V, Sage Charles, Lea Nahon, Junao Diaz, Chris Sutton, Gabriele Toso, Joanna Matuszak, Guido Mencari, Marie et Feline Gruss, Lili Fernandez de Gamboa Toran, Caroline Gagné, Giacomo Garavelloni, Juan Ramos, Taran Regil, Lee Wagtsaff, Floyd E. Shulze

Photo by Guido Mencari

The Book: Editing: Jon John, Lee Wagstaff, and Floyd Schulze
Edition: limited edition of 100 copies, signed, numbered and fingerprinted in my blood.
Publishing: RISE Berlin gallery AKA Berlin and are collaborating to distribute this book.
Layout: Floyd Schulze
Contributors: Poems from Sages Charles and Juano Diaz
Texts from Ron Athey, Paul King, Lee Wagstaff, Gabriel Toso, Caroline Gagné, and Jon John
Pictures from  Berenice V, Kiril Bikov, Chris Sutton, Joanna Matuszak, Guido Mencari.

Photo by Berenice V

I believe that the action of love remains one of the few accessible ecstatic ritual in our disposable society.
This ritual is communal alchemy, I don t perform for audiences but rather engaged witnesses that become co-creators, my lovers. Through altered state of conciousness I transcend my spoken vocabulary, to share my hidden secrets of love, life and loss. Flesh, skin and blood are my palette to takes you on a journey from tenderness to brutality via beauty and decay.
This is The 2 of us

Sticker-The-2-of-us-final-410x410The Film:
Editing:  Berenice V and Jon John – Duration: 35 minutes
Language: English (subtitles: French and Spanish)
Music: Giacomo Garavelloni and Juan Ramos
Appearances by : Joey Arias, Ron Athey, Paul King, and Jon John
Photography by : Berenice V, Kiril Bikov, Taran Regil, Marie & Féline Gruss, Joanna Matuszak, and Elsa Biedermann,.
The film follows the development of the live performances of The 2 of Us at:
Berlin: RISE Berlin gallery
London: Chelsea Theatre
Paris: La Flaq
Chicago: Mana Contemporary
Los Angeles: The Cowboy Gallery
Canada: Folie Culture