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Bravo II

Book Club #27: Tease By Jan Rattia

Jan Rattia is a Venezuelan-born artist based in Atlanta. Jan spent nearly two years traveling the Unites States—from Washington DC to Atlanta, Miami to Phoenix, and back to New York City—in order to photograph members of a singular and largely misunderstood fraternity: male strippers. Out of this journey came his first solo show in New York City, “Tease”, presented by ClampArt.

Rattia Rod
Rattia PreShow
Rattia Logan
Rattia Leland III
Leland III

“Backstage, preparing for their performances, the dancers primp and pump and shave to look their best and meet the expectations of their lucrative patrons.” However, he points out: “Each of the strippers has a story, in many cases mundane and generally unexpected. Most are straight, even though they clearly welcome the attention of other males. They may be students, businessmen, investors, and even doctors, or nothing more than what they appear.”


A catalogue of photographs from the project “Tease” is available for purchase (Softcover, 56 pages, 20 illus., 9.5 x 9.5 inches). $30 + shipping. You can order it over here


All photos © Jan Rattia, Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City

If you are in New York City do not miss the closing reception this Saturday, May 21, 6-8PM at ClampArt NYC – 531 W 25th Street, New York NY 10001.