Book Club #37: Fetish Ballad by MagLau

MagLau is a photographer based in Brussels. He just released his second book, called Fetish Ballad, with German publisher Verlag Kettler. Fetish Ballad is the result of a 3 year road trip into fetish parties. It is a rough ballad in the underground world of Tokyo, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels and Berlin.

“Fetish Ballad is made of real, and not made of posed or organized scenery. The shoots were taken at low light, without flash, in a street photography approach. In doing so, I have privileged the mood to the sharpness, the blurred impression to the clean pictures. I have tried to give the smell of this underground world made of latex, tattoos and ropes. It is not the usual fetish photography with top models, but a roadtrip in the underground world. The pictures go pair by pair, entering into a new form of dialogue, in a sometimes poetic, sad or humoristic manner.”

Find Fetish Ballad at  Library Le 29  in Brussels and La Musardine in Paris, or at the Verlag Kettler website.