BOOK CLUB #42: Every piece made by Michael Wynne at Kiss and tell Press

We are madly in love with Michael Wynne’s books. Which one you may ask. Well, ALL OF IT! Michael Wynne makes books, takes pictures, draws, writes and sketchs. His artistic journey started out as a sex blog, which became a book, then some illustrations, then a photobook with found images, then some stories in a book, and now Wynne has returned to his early love of photography, combining text and image in photobooks and other creations.

“I started doing photography about two years ago, but have been making books for about five years. I started out with a sex blog that became a book, and then I worked with illustration and found images. I’ve always been interested in photographs and how to tell stories through images – it took me about 20 years to start making my own images and using them to create small and intimate photobooks.”

Instagram: @michael_wynne_