Book Club #44: Mein schwules Auge / My Gay Eye – Tom of Finland Foundation Special

Tom of Finland, born Touko Laaksonen (1920-1991), has created a fascinating gay world with his pencil. This special edition of My Gay Eye presents the many sides of the artist and explores the Foundation he cofounded. Discover treasures from an extensive collection of gay art, many shown here for the first time. Contemporary authors and artists add to this unique homage to Tom with their essays, interviews, short stories and images.

Gio Black Peter

400 pages with works by over 100 artists: Bastille, Henning von Berg, Peter Berlin, Rick Castro, Ruben Esparza, Etienne, Florian Hetz, G.B. Jones, Michael Kirwan, Bob Mizer, George Quaintance, Rex, Stuart Sandford, Gengoroh Tagame, The Hun, Arthur Tress and Tom of Finland.

Assume Vivid Astro Focus

“The work of Tom of Finland has not only cult status within the global gay community, but has become part of pop culture and art history. Tom‘s last partner, Durk Dehner, also his manager, estate administrator and cofounder of Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles, has made a decisive contribution to setting the legacy of Tom of Finland into motion.

Tom of Finland, his art and his influence on gay artists of subsequent generations, as well as the work purpose of Tom of Finland Foundation, are the focus of this special volume of My Gay Eye, which appears for the first time in both German and English.


Tom of Finland Foundation enabled us in presenting some of Tom‘s previously unpublished works from his extensive archive; including preliminaries and sketches to illustrate his work processand examples of the many techniques he mastered. Tom of Finland Foundation not only preserves his own work, but also one of the largest collections of 20th and 21st century gay art. We are proud to present a cross-section of this for the first time. 


A self-defined purpose of the Foundation is the promotion of contemporary gay artists. We offer an insight into their diverse activities and present works by photographers, painters, illustrators and sketch artists, guests in the former home of Tom of Finland in Los Angeles as artists in residence or were supported by exhibitions and other programs. Many artists have been inspired by Tom of Finland. Literary figures pay homage to the “grand master of gay art”. For this volume, we asked four writers to take inspiration from one of his drawings for a short story. “

Tom of Finland

Mein schwules Auge – My Gay Eye. Tom of Finland Foundation Special.
Jahrbuch der schwulen Erotik 2018
Herausgegeben von / edited by Rinaldo Hopf und Axel Schock
400 Seiten, Fadenheftung / 400 pages, thread stitching
ISBN 978-3-88769-944-4
19,90 Euro