BOOK CLUB #51: Isolated But Not Alone by Jeremy Kost

Jeremy Kost is a photographer celebrated for his tireless chronicling of gender and sexuality. Isolated But Not Alone is his first monograph dedicated to images of men since 2014. While Jeremy has attracted an audience of close to half a million followers to his Instagram account in that time, exhibitions and books are the only way to view his uncensored art work in it’s full glory.

In “Isolated But Not Alone”, over 200 Polaroids from nearly a decade of Kost’s archive are swathed in vivid oil paint. The resulting work stands in contrast to the overly-saturated, high-contrast photography we see in today’s digital realm. Two-dimensional snapshots become textured and alive. Contrast is distilled. The paint acts as a high-contrast punch against the muted and dreamlike tone of the original Polaroid.

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