BOOK CLUB #53: LINE UP / A Berlin Sound by Sebastian Pielles

#SupportTheArtist – Our friend Berlin-based photographer Sebastian Pielles is calling for help to publish his very first book: LINE UP / A Berlin Sound! A unique collection of photographs documenting some of Berlin’s most renowned and influentials DJs from over 3 decades.

„LINE UP“ is a tribute to the Berlin techno crowd, to all the DJs, fellows and nightcrawlers over the last 3 decades who made this melting pot internationally known and beloved for finest technoculture. This book is my way to keep the wonderful moments alive and say „Thank You“ for an incredibly exciting and thrilling time.

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For more than 20 years photographer Sebastian Pielles roam through Berlin’s nightlife and the constantly changing techno culture of the city he was born and grew up in.

Seven years ago, he started to motivate the big players of the scene to become part of his idea – a collection of portraits. Since then SP was able to take more than 100 pictures of renowned artists beyond their natural environment – the dj desk –, staged in movements and leaving space for fantasy and imagination. SP allows a unique view to people like Westbam, Tiefschwarz, Dirty Doering, Ellen Alien and many others.

“LINE UP” might not be the first book about techno in Berlin. If it is the best, lies in the eye of the beholder. But “LINE UP” most definitely is a heartfelt desire and the huge motivation to make all the pictures of the last years public and visible. “LINE UP” is the first book Sebastian Pielles feels the need to publish. Because the pictures are telling a wonderful story.
It is the result of seven years of work and the chance is near that this “family album” is coming true. With your support. Each and every supporter of the crowdfunding – no matter if 1 or 100 Euro – will be named in the book. The more money we raise, the better “LINE UP” will be.