Book Club #54: Grassroots by Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan is a UK based documentary photographer, who recently graduated from University studying photography. Before exploring amateur football Michael was finding himself in a crossroads between fashion and documentary styles, but over the past two years has decided to combine the two workspaces to depict this series Grassroots exploring the culture of amateur football across the UK. 

Michael Morgan photographs UK amateur football in a series juxtaposing financial uncertainty with the love of the game. Grassroots is an exploration of amateur football in the UK. In recent years many teams have folded and the practice is at risk of disappearing due to lack of funding, resulting in diminished opportunities for young boys and girls to have the chance to grow up playing football in their community, a way to escape the freight of cultural, political and social issues.’ You can purchase Grassroots over here

Michael Morgan
Instagram:  @michael_d_morgan
You can purchase Grassroots over here