Book Club #62: Hajime Yamamoto – Les Garçons des Fleurs / Full Bloom

Together with Paper Affairs Publishers Hajime Yamamoto presents his latest exceptional illustrations in a brand new book: Les Garçons des Fleurs / Full Bloom. Inspired by the new form of inter-connectivity and intimacy that we experience through social media, the Japanese-Filipino artist Hajime Yamamoto transforms photos of strangers into Les Garçons des Fleurs.

His illustrations depict men from all over the world and nudity in all its facets: pure, sensual and blooming. Get the book HERE

Social media has provided a space that makes it possible for us to present ourselves artistically, to exchange experiences and to discover that we are not “the only gay in the village”. Being censored – or even excluded – from social media, means being pushed back into being invisible. It means losing our voice and having our ties with all our friends and supporters around the world severed. Through the publication of his work Hajime Yamamoto fights for artistic freedom, individuality and the right to be seen and heard.

After his first two books of this series nearly being sold out after a short time, he wanted to take this series a little further. He decided to publish a third book: Les Garçons des Fleurs / Full Bloom. This book contains the most erotically charged pictures in the series and shows the subjects portrayed in their most exposed but also the most powerful form. Previous models make a return in this series and some newcomers can be spotted as well.

Full Bloom continues the two guiding ideas of the previous books: questioning whether virtual interactions are devoid of intimacy or reality, and intertwining the fragile nature of flowers and blossoms with the very male and potentially challenging shape of the completely naked man.

Designed & published by Paper Affairs Publishers
Publication date: April 2020
176 pages, 80 illustrations Texts in English 20,8 x 28,7 cm Softcover, matt cello glaze with 3D varnish finish
ISBN 978-3-9504709-4-9
Euro 49,–