Book Club #66: Miss Meatface – Diary of a Paper Doll

A brand new Polaroid photo zine from Kat Toronto, aka iconic artist Miss Meatface, documenting “everyday life” for Toronto’s latex-clad, cats-eye bespectacled alter ego in her kitsch-tastic world during Covid-19.

“Before the outbreak of Covid-19 I had already begun work on a Miss Meatface zine but as the pandemic began to unfold and it became clear that a lockdown would soon be the new reality I changed my concept to reflect the experience that I, and much of the world, was facing. I began documenting the life of my photographic alter ego, Miss Meatface (and her MeatMaid companion) in the midst of a world pandemic. It is these new images that are found within the pages of Diary of a Paper Doll. 

  • Limited edition print of 250 hand signed and numbered copies

  • Each zine comes in a unique handmade presentation pack with a collectable Miss Meatface postcard and photo pin

  • 28 full-colour pages printed in full colour on silk 150 gsm paper with 250 gsm cover

  • 5.8 x 5.8 inches, $26 USD + free worldwide shipping via the Miss Meatface webshop

Throughout my documentation, I was forced to confront feelings of extreme vulnerability. I began to feel like a child playing with a delicate set of paper dolls (portrayed by Miss Meatface and her MeatMaid), I dressed them up and posed them for the camera throughout the house and garden. These photographs were taken between March and July of 2020 — roughly the beginning and ‘end’ of the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown — using my favorite photographic medium: vintage Polaroid cameras.

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