Book Club #68: Young and Renegade by Zeno Spyropoulos

Berlin-based photographer Zeno Spyropoulos is releasing his very first book. The inspiration and core message through this book is freedom, bonds, loneliness and tenderness. A view in a subculture that is present in Berlin, namely an ‘ex-pat bubble’ without laying heavy focus on certain elements of it, but not hiding any side of it.

“Using an analogue point-and-shoot camera, Zeno captures spontaneous instances of tenderness, ecstasy or calm. Showing raw moments of intimacy and creative expression as they naturally occur, his pictures normalise a culture of bodily freedom. Zeno photographs expats who, like him, left everything behind to start a new life in Berlin.” 

“I moved to Berlin in 2018, being part of this subculture, photographing my immediate surroundings, people I connected and bonded with and trusted me enough to be part of this photo series. A year-long, including all seasons I’ve photographed this project, smuggling cameras into clubs, meeting many different and unique people. There is an importance to the cover and images in the book to normalise any sort of sexuality and choice a person makes, which is very present in the subculture, but for others might be extreme or shocking. “

The book is a softcover with 80 pages, sewn with black thread in an open spine. Beautiful, attention to detail and inkjet printed. The price upon release will be priced at 30,- EUR. The book will be released the 30.09.2020 and wil be available on the artist’s website

Zeno Spyropoulos, Berlin
Instagram: @zenosp