Book Club #69: Casting by Mattia Baldi

From 20.10.2020 to 20.11.2020 you can support the crowdfunding campaign for the book “Casting | A book about women “by Mattia Baldi! Texts by Benedetta Barzini, Benedetta Frucci, Nadine Barth

This project is a black and white photography book that wants to bring to the attention regarding modern beauty standards, especially in fashion. Instagram beauty filters, the unreal Photoshop skin retouching are today the very base standards of the Social Media aesthetics. / Support the artist here:

These impossible standards of beauty are changing the view of contemporary society, especially for women who often today are chasing an unattainable digital image. The shots of this project won’t have any digital retouch or any kind of alteration. The objective is to show a more sincere view of female beauty. The tone of the Art is not celebratory, nor tend to extra enhance the beauty of the subjects, the book wants to be a raw filter of reality. Especially here in Thailand, where the whole book was shot, the beauty standards are particularly manipulated by the massive use of Social Media. Thai youngsters pass more time on Social Media than anyone in the World and their perception of beauty is strongly influenced by digital images. “Casting” contains shots of people who are currently in Bangkok but underline a rampant global phenomenon.

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Casting a Book about Women The book is finally out but needs your help! I'm proud to announce the publication of my first book "Casting a Book about Women". After almost two years of shooting to make this book, after slowdowns and lockdowns, I'm glad we successfully have now a final version that is possible to book it right now. Seipersei an independent publishing house based in Siena, Italy will publish this beautiful book exactly as I've always wanted it to be. It's a large-format, black and white photography book rich in fine details and amazing prefaces written by 3 remarkable women. Benedetta Frucci, Nadine Barth, and Benedetta Barzini. 3 generations of women that lived the importance of photography and fashion in the first person. Sono orgoglioso di annunciare la pubblicazione del mio primo libro "Casting a Book about Women". FIRST EDITION ONLY 300 COPIES SHIPPING WORLDWIDE BOOK NOW YOUR COPY Link in BIO #photographybookstore #photobookjousting #photobookstore #photobookjp #photobooklovers #photobookshop #photobookworldwide #photobookdesign #photobook2020

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