Book Club #73: ELSA X VALENTINO “The Alphabet for Kids & Adults”

Maison Valentino is looking to spark laughter and joy through a new collaboration with a wildly popular writer, actor and comedian Elsa Majimbo. The 19-year-old, who has amassed a devout following from her short, witty clips has teamed up with Valentino on her new book, “The Alphabet for Kids & Adults.” The book, which goes through the letters of the alphabet with separate definitions for children and adults, is both comedic and profound and the first of its kind.

Courtesy of Valentino: Book still life images
Courtesy of Cedric Nzaka: Elsa Majimbo images
@maisonvalentino and @majimb.o

Featuring vibrant graphics and pithy definitions written by Elsa herself, “The Alphabet for Kids & Adults” is a testament to Elsa’s quick comedy and innate understanding of what excites people and what makes them laugh. Over the course of 2020, Elsa used her imagination and electric energy to create an imaginative world, synthesized into bite-sized clips that were shared throughout the world. With “The Alphabet for Kids & Adults,” she is offering yet another refreshing take on the world around us and using the opportunity to enter for the first time into the world of luxury fashion.

Of the collaboration, Elsa says “I am so happy to have the support of my Valentino family in presenting this special book to the world. They believed in and loved the project and supported me on it. I’m so excited to share my first book with the world and I’m extremely happy to have my entrance to fashion be with a phenomenal fashion house. Real recognized real.”

“The Alphabet for Kids & Adults” book is out worldwide since March 20th 2021.
The book will not be available for sale, but it will be produced in limited quantity and made available to select friends of Maison Valentino along with friends and fans of Elsa.