Book Club #77: ‘I’m going to miss you’ by Rob Tennent

‘I’m going to miss you’ documents the long and nostalgic summer days, shared with beautiful men. The photography book explores intimacy, sensuality, and romance. Candid images are interrupted by more erotic and playful images. @rob.tennent

Rob Tennent carries through themes presented in his earliest book ‘Come Back to Bed’. Themes of intimacy are suggested in his creative direction and composition, serving as a nod to his earlier works. The theme of touch is carried out from start to finish, something most of the world has been deprived of. The sentence “I’m going to miss you” is a quote whispered by lovers photographed in ‘Come Back to Bed’. Now repurposed to symbolise the emotions he feels towards the summer just past. // @rob.tennent
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Ditching the comfort of his 35mm point and shoot camera, Tennent shot his entire book on a medium format camera after purchasing a camera a little over a year ago. Self-taught, he began shooting in between lockdowns, from December through to April. Tennent was determined to show his creative eye through the entire process, from designing the book to casting all the boys.

New Zealand was fortunate enough to be COVID free for some time, making it possible for Tennent to travel around the country to capture these moments.

“I saw an opportunity to document such a healing time of my life. Growing up in Cambodia, my life was extremely different to how it is now. I went to boarding school for five years and then studied for three years after that, so my summers were usually spent mowing lawns or working at cafes. After graduating in November, I had enough time off to travel around the north island with my camera. I think this book, in its entirety, documents the gentle side of brotherhood. It documents the act of playing. To play is to be vulnerable. The book does not shy away from my own queerness with the presence of sexual undertones in the imagery. The book documents the long days, hot sand, ice blocks and of course, fish and chips. Through broken windscreens, flat tires, lockdowns and many rolls of film, I’m excited to introduce the world to this book.”

In collaboration with his best friend, Rob Tennent and Tyler Thomas have designed a beaded pearl necklace which will be available exclusively through Tennent’s website. Inspired by the colours in the book, the necklace harmoniously combines freshwater baroque pearls and Japanese glass beads. // @rob.tennent
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