Book Club#26: “Before Frank” by Charles Moriarty

Amy Winehouse 4EVER! Before FRANK is a photography book that portrays the artist Amy Winehouse in the months leading up to the release of her debut album FRANK. The book consists of images from two shoots, one in London and the other in New York. Only a few of these images have been seen previously, the majority have remained unpublished – until now.

Find out more and support the artist:

amy_winehouse_02-560x373“I am raising funds so that I can finally bring this series of work into the public’s view. I truly believe it is a special documentation of Amy that portrays her honestly, and shows us her true self before recognition and fame. I hope that this book will allow for these important memories to remain alive with Amy’s fans. Although I remember this time with Amy well, when I look at these images I can’t help but smile, you can see the freedom and joy of youth in them; they are also a reflection of my life at the time, and were key to my development as a professional photographer.

amy_winehouse_04-560x373Asif Kapadia, director of the Oscar-winning documentary “AMY”, will be writing the foreword. The book will be designed by the award-winning Dutch designer Sybren Kuiper.

“Over the years I have seen thousands of images of Amy, by brilliant photographers from all over the world, but Charles Moriarty’s photos stood out.” — Asif Kapadia (extract from the foreword)

 amy_winehouse_08-560x373With your support we hope to create a beautiful photography book that enriches Amy’s story, and to organise an exhibition in London to accompany the book launch. Within the pages of Before FRANK lies a story untold, unique moments in the life of an Icon, lost to us at too young an age, and who’s voice touched millions of people around the world.” – Charles Moriarty