Book Club#3: Valentin Hirsch – Symmetries

Berlin based tattoo artist Valentin Hirsch is one of the best ink artists in the world. We adore his work since a few years. Now he is publishing soon his new book: Symmetries! Help Valentin Hirsch bring his first book to life! Since December 2014 he is collecting money for the book with a Crowdfunding-Campaign on

VH Symmetries 05

The campaign goes on till January 16th.2015. You also have the chance to win a tattoo from Valentin Hirsch.. How? What kind of motive?  Check Valentines Instagram or Facebook page 2morrow for more information.

VH Symmetries 01


“In my book Symmetries my goal is to display a series of drawings and etchings that give a significant insight into the artwork I was working on in Vienna. However, the main part of the book is dedicated to my tattoo art.

VH Symmetries 03

We wanted to present the tattoos like in a gallery, drawing a connection between tattooing and fine art. As a result, the book’s minimalist design gives the reader space to experience my artwork in a way it has not been displayed before. Over the last six months my wonderful team and I have been collecting, screening and curating my artistic material from the past few years. Our plan was to document my development as a tattoo artist in an elaborately designed art book that expresses my passion for tattooing along with my large-scale images of my work, my picture language, which I was able to express in your tattoos.

VH Symmetries 02

Now we need your help, to bring SYMMETRIES to life. I am offering copies of the book, stickers, and even some super limited-edition prints in exchange for your support, and I will be adding more exclusive perks over the next few weeks.

Every donation, every pre-order of the book and even every share helps us to spread the word about the project and to cover the costs of printing.” 

VH Symmetries 04

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