BOY by Hans Andersson

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear story. Photography by Hans Andersson. Make up by Elin Laine. Styling by Anton Wang. A story about a boy and his melancholic, singular, costume party. Model is Lennart Frandsen. Designers are Felicia Åström / Beckmans, Ada Swärd / Beckmans, Hanna Isaksson / The Swedish School of Textiles, Fredrik Möller / The Swedish School of Textiles, NAND, HOPE, Acne, Filippa K and Remake.

Photography by Hans Andersson / / Instagram: @HansAnderssonPhotography
Model is Lennart Frandsen @LennartFrandsen From @Lemanagement
Make up by Elin Laine / / Instagram: @elinlaine
Styling by Anton Wang / Instagram: @antonwang