Brandon Seidler – Polluted Film

“This project is entitled Polluted Film. It focuses on chemical pollutants in various locations in New Jersey, near where I live.  These chemical pollutants found in the landscapes near my home are far harsher than anyone would expect.”


I developed color film and then exposed the negatives to the same chemicals found in the surrounding areas where the photographs were taken. I wanted to highlight the damage inflicted on our environment due to human neglect, which most people are oblivious to. The photographs not only display an obscure version of the altered landscapes, but also demonstrate the harmful effects the chemical pollutants have on the environment. I want people to look at the photographs and think to themselves, “If that is what the chemicals can do to a strip of plastic film, what will they do to the environment itself.”

img157 img137 img118 img115 img086 img080 img014 Brandon-Seidler-PollutedFilm1