Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: The Work of the Kumo Collective and the Leadership of Emma Neveux

The KUMO Collective emerges as a beacon of artistic expression and collaboration in modern art, where creativity knows no bounds. But what exactly does “Kumo” stand for? In Japanese, it symbolizes the ethereal essence of a cloud, drifting gracefully through the sky, embracing the elements and the atmosphere surrounding it. It embodies fluidity, versatility, and an ever-evolving presence.

At its core, the KUMO Collective is more than just a collective; it’s a family. Composed of friends and artists who share a common passion for creativity, the KUMO Collective is a creative house where ideas and concepts are nurtured and developed collectively. 

Each member brings a unique perspective shaped by their individual experiences, yet together they form a cohesive unit, supporting and uplifting one another on their artistic journey.

At the center of all this activity is Emma Neveux, with her role and leadership in artists management, A&R activity, and event production, she is the one who leads all the creative process and oversees it. 

Emma Neveux’s life has revolved around music, both as a pianist and as a singer. Her passion for this art extends beyond performance, as she has delved into the world of musical discovery and talent development.

While pursuing a master’s degree at the BIMM Institute in London, Emma focused on understanding the complexities of A&R’s role in the music industry. Her research project explored how new artists and music are discovered in the digital age, as well as the impact of big data on music discovery.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Emma Neveux embarked on a project to create a portfolio of artists she discovered and collaborated with, helping them navigate the music industry and develop their careers. 

This experience laid the foundations for what is now the KUMO Collective. As head of the A&R and PR/Communications departments, Emma fosters a supportive environment for artists to thrive creatively and collectively define success.

She works closely with artists from all countries and genres, leveraging her fluidity in music to foster collaboration and growth. With her keen eye for emerging talent, Emma, hand in hand with the collective, offers artists a platform to showcase her work and potentially become the next big thing on Spotify.

The KUMO Collective‘s objectives are multifaceted, aiming to foster collaboration, promote artistic expression, and create a platform for artists to showcase their work to a wider audience. By building a network of artists who collaborate seamlessly, the KUMO Collective provides opportunities for creatives to amplify their voices and expand their reach. Through curated shows and performances, the KUMO Collective aims to create a hub where talent thrives and innovation flourishes.

To be a Kumoïte is to embrace individuality and authenticity to the fullest. With members hailing from diverse backgrounds and cultures, the KUMO Collective celebrates the richness of human experience and the interconnectedness of the global community. Drawing inspiration from travels and cultural exchanges, Kumoïtes break down barriers and challenge conventional norms through their art, creating a world where creativity knows no bounds.

For more info on Emma Neveux: @emma.__.neveux