Breaking up with my diva

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Paula Diaz Marcos. Styling by Tanya Duarte. Model is Álvaro García Narváez. Makeup and hair by Celia Bañares. The following fashion editorial is inspired by the identity oppression in which the ‘male’ figure is involved.

What is shown through the styles, attitudes and concept of photography, is the process of a person who is discovering himself.

What is reflected? The internal chaos due to rejection, sadness, exhaustion of not understanding the reason for the situation and rebellion against the non-‘approval’ of the world.

A space that collects the personal evolution of an aggressive and powerless entity to feel that who surrounds him, does not let him be who he is. Or maybe even ‘he’ himself is not ready to meet.

That society that ends up causing self-denial. 

Ph: Paula Diaz Marcos @paluladizmar
Stylist: Tanya Duarte @anyamysecondself
Muah: Celia Bañares @ahimsaa___
Model: Álvaro García Narváez @alvarxgn
Manicure: Emmanuel Uwom @emmmmanuel_
Thanks to: @emedeamore @olgaxgarcia @rehab.files

Agustín Paños @01.000001 / Fatima Miñana @fatima.minana / AMO / AFT-R Barcelona @aftrbarcelona / Beatriz Peñalver @bepenalver / RGV @rgvmadrid / Chloe @chloe / Asos @asos / Lacoste @lacoste / Burberry @burberry / Uno de 50 @unode50 / Calzedonia @calzedonia / Mango @mango