Brent Ray Fraser by Marc Boily

Marc Boily is a photographer from Vancouver BC Canada. Laid-off from his job as a senior designer for a major Canadian TV broadcaster in 2013, with a little more time on his hands he decided to pursue a few dreams he had in mind… It starts Photography and flying UAS/UAV/Drones/Quadcopter, shooting video and stills with an eye from above. He has also spent 3 years in Film School back in 1990 and never pursued that, but has now produced and directed his 5th short film. He has decided to explore photography from all angles which is very much an extension of his 15 years in graphic design working on other people’s pictures. His inspirations are music, landscape, light, arts, the perception one has seeing things through a small rectangle and the multiple interpretations it can provide.

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For KALTBLUT magazine Marc Boily has shot Brent Ray Fraser, fresh off a performance on FRANCE GOT TALENT. Brent’s unique approach and acute instinct of what his audience wants by pushing both their boundaries at the same time is precisely the mark of what makes a true and genuine Artist. A blend of overwhelming charisma, natural talent, positively fearless energy, and the added bonus of an eye for the erotic, leaves you satisfied – yet craving more each and every time you experience the ART that is BRF!

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