Bryant Giles – “I’M ALIVE?”

LA-based artist and designer Bryant Giles is set to captivate art enthusiasts with his first Berlin solo show, aptly titled “I’M ALIVE?” This groundbreaking exhibition is held at Schlachter 151, a vibrant gallery and art space founded by the esteemed OOR Studio.

Prepare to be enthralled by Giles’ collection of 32 captivating works, comprised of mesmerizing paintings and intricate drawings. This exhibition serves as an extension of a larger artistic endeavour, with parts showcased both in Tokyo and Berlin.

Duration: till 31 December 2023
Venue: Schlachter 151, Wilmersdorfer Strasse 151, 10585 Berlin

Giles’ thought-provoking pieces delve into profound themes of mental health, the complexities of our current socio-economic landscape, and the delicate balance of freedom of speech. They compel viewers to contemplate their existence, pondering whether they are truly alive or mere shells of themselves. Through an eclectic mix of media ranging from film to painting, photography, drawings, and score works, the exhibition invites us to explore these themes in a profound and unconventional way.

In Giles’ own words, “I believe that humanity has a natural inclination to take shortcuts in their mental development. It’s easier to conform and avoid the deep introspection that defines who we truly are. I am drawn to moments that reveal the raw essence of human nature, casting aside filters and embracing genuine emotion. As attention spans dwindle with each passing year, the importance of remembering and preserving becomes even more paramount. I want to remember you.”

With “I’M ALIVE?” Giles fearlessly delves into the profound question of what it truly means to be alive in this day and age. He reflects on society’s desensitization to the present moment, brought about by our incessant consumption of media and information. This realization serves as a wake-up call throughout the entire creative process of this exhibition, reminding us of the importance of being fully present and engaged with our surroundings.

Bryant Giles is a contemporary artist and designer who seamlessly navigates between Los Angeles and Tokyo. While originally hailing from Chicago but born in Michigan City, Giles has established himself as one of the most sought-after creatives from the Midwest. His art serves as a reflection of his current emotional state, often exploring themes of racism, flawed systems, and his unique interpretation of today’s intricate social climate through visually layered compositions.

In addition to his artwork, Giles has made a significant impact in the world of design, collaborating with leading brands and establishing his own namesake collections. Notably, Giles showcased his remarkable artwork in a groundbreaking exhibition at Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles in spring 2021. This highly acclaimed showcase, featuring a diverse group of international artists of color, focused on bold figurative works that unapologetically occupied space. Giles’ surreal bodies stood out among the crowd, capturing attention and igniting conversations. Following the overwhelming success of “Shattered Glass,” Giles went on to showcase new work with Jeffrey Deitch Gallery at Miami Art Basel 2021. On the fashion front, Giles recently launched his clothing brand, Gone Homme.

Schlachter 151, curated by OOR Studio, is a new and exciting gallery and creative space intended to celebrate art and all forms of creativity. With the vision of bringing together like-minded individuals and nurturing a vibrant community, this space aims to exhibit art to a diverse audience, fostering authentic exchanges and influencing both the industry and society at large.

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