Burn The Past: An Interview with Terr

Brazilian producer Daniela Caldellas is no stranger to the electronic music scene. After already producing with Daniel Albinati to create the dancey duo Digitaria, Caldellas was ready to step out on her own. Going back to her early techno and electro roots, Caldellas made her outstanding Hotflush Recordings debut this April under the name Terr, showing off her extensive capabilities as a producer with a variation of styles present throughout. We had a quick chat about her present work as a newcomer to the label and what can be expected this summer.

KALTBLUT: Having already been involved in many projects including Digitaria, what direction are you taking your sound under the pseudonym Terr? Somewhere drastically different or almost familiar?
Terr: I think Terr has a totally different sound than Digitaria. A bit harder, more direct and less “romantic”. I grew up listening to techno and I have been producing electronic music since 2006… I have tons of music in my HD, with lots of different styles. In fact I should have 10 different projects to release all the music I make.

KALTBLUT: Did you find your creative differences got in the way when producing as one half of Digitaria?
Terr: It’s always different to work by myself and to work in a group, of course. I like both ways. It’s a very interesting and personal experience to do everything by myself, taking all the risks. It’s also nice to share ideas with partners, discuss everything, etc… I am 100% into both projects, they are like my two children.

KALTBLUT: Is this perhaps what you’re referencing with the title of your EP, ‘Burn The Past’?
Terr: Hmmm. I have never thought about that. I have to take this to my therapist.

KALTBLUT: How has it felt to debut on your own?
Terr: I am really, really happy with this release. I love all the songs and I worked months on them, I really put a lot of energy and love on this project. And I think I couldn’t start in a better way, because I have always been a big fan of Hotflush. – it’s a label that is really focused on the artistic side of electronic music.

KALTBLUT: Who have been some of your ultimate producers over the years?
Terr: I am a big fan of Atom TM, Gerald Donald from Dopplereffekt and Ben Klock… And of course Nigel Godrich, that produces Radiohead albums.

KALTBLUT: What’s happening for you over summer?
Terr: I am going to India for the first time and I want to spend some time there… The rest is always more or less the same, making more and more music for a new EP and playing as much as possible. My life has always been like this, summer or winter.

Terr’s debut ‘Burn The Past’ is out now via Hot Flush Recordings
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