“But I Want to Leave the Party,” a Female Lead Representation in Mental Health Exploration

“But I Want to Leave the Party” isn’t your average film. This 14-minute powerhouse packs a punch, delving into the depths of depression while celebrating the resilience of the human spirit. Produced, written, and starred by Tiffany Lauren Bennicke, the film has obtained 39 awards and 26 nominations so far, which shows the significant impact the film has had on audiences and critics alike.

The film’s raw authenticity stems from a deeply personal place. Driven by a period of intense personal struggle, Tiffany Lauren Bennicke penned the script, drawing from her own experiences with depression. This urgency translates into a poignant narrative that resonates deeply.  Bennicke’s commitment to honesty creates a story that needs to be told. Even today, when people are more open to talking about mental health, it is difficult to address these topics and be open about them. This is precisely why films like “But I Want to Leave the Party” hold such significance. Sharing a story that delves into these sensitive topics, allows individuals to have conversations and gain support for their struggles, ultimately reminding them that they are not alone in their experiences.

One of the aspects that make the film remarkable is the strong feminine presence. Tiffany’s solid performance immerses viewers in her world and makes them feel the nuances of every emotion. By featuring a female lead grappling with mental health, the film breaks new ground in representation. It sparks crucial conversations about the complexities of womanhood and the societal pressures women face. 

The film also offers a unique perspective on the creative evolution of Tiffany Lauren Bennicke. Her stunning talent as an actor has already been mentioned, but one of the reasons the film has received the support of so many audiences and awards is the way her vision has also expanded to the writing and production processes. After this exhibition of what she can do, we keep expecting the projects she is working on.

This film offers more than a glimpse into depression; it offers a reflection of society itself. It’s a rallying cry for those who have felt silenced, a beacon of hope for those struggling, and a celebration of the strength within each of us. “But I Want to Leave the Party” is the result of Bennicke’s story,  but it’s a story for all of us. Stream the film on Apple TV and Google Play to be fascinated by this powerful piece and join the conversation.

Model: Tiffany Lauren Bennicke
Instagram – @tiffanylaurenbennicke + @leavethepartyfilms
Website – www.leavethepartyfilms.com

Photography: Alexis GR
Instagram – @alexisgr
Website – www.alexisgr.com

Hair + Makeup: Natasha Pereira
Instagram – @natasha_pereira_hmua

Stylist: Kelly Ann Panagakos
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Website – www.kellyannpanagakos.com

Collège LaSalle
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