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Cabinet of Curiosities collection by Bianca Beltramello

Fashion designer Bianca Beltramello launches her Fall/Winter 2019-20 collection “Cabinet of Curiosities”, inspired by wunderkammers, rooms where collectors preserve their personal selection of rarities and curiosities. Similarly, a selection of artworks and special objects makes up fabric patterns and prints, created by the designer.

Georgian Lover’s Eyes, exotic animal bones, ancient wood prosthetics, glass bells and specimens embellish classical silhouettes, together with glass creations by American sculptor Andy Paiko. The sublimation printing technique used for fabric gives patterns a photographic quality, obtaining vivid and colorful images. The resulting printed fabric is soft and light, wash-resistant and comfortable.


The same objects that adorn fabrics were the inspiration for a jewelry capsule collection: cufflinks, rings, pins and buttons were created in collaboration with L’Officina del Sole. The artisan Lorenzo Para handcrafted every single piece by using the ancient papier-mâché technique. High quality paper is preventively crushed, macerated, boiled and then kneaded with natural glues, creating an incoherent conglomerate. This mixture finds its coherence by being manipulated and compressed by the artisan’s fingers, who presses it against a negative mould. The compound is left to dry in a special ventilated oven, while the artisan is continuously intervening in order to avoid shape loss. The raw artefact, extremely lightweight, is then laminated with a galvanic method in 24k gold.

Every jewel is unique and special because of its artisanal nature. The same passion for uniqueness dictated the creation of statement clothing which doesn’t fit in defined categories. Nothing is trivial or impersonal, but every outfit expresses a strong creative identity.
Starting from a baroque, historical taste, through digital manipulation and avant-garde silhouette study, the Cabinet of Curiosities collection portrays a dark dandy image in a contemporary, maximalist perspective. The mission is to dress a self-aware man who doesn’t settle for stereotypes, but wants to amaze and be amazed by a well-defined, bold style.
This view towards the future becomes clear through the lenses of fashion photographer Yvonne Vionnet. The shooting was hosted by design showroom Boffetto Form to Furniture. Each outfit establishes a dialogue with the shapes and innovative materials found in Boffetto’s collections, making use of their collaboration with the most important architecture firms and contemporary design.

Bianca Beltramello was born in Milan in 1996.  After her scientific high school graduation, she starts studying Modern Literature at Università degli Studi di Milano, getting the “Exploit Your Talent” scholarship. She graduates as Corset-maker from Sartoria Teatrale Fiorentina (2016), and attends a specialization course in Menswear Pattern Making at Istituto di Moda Burgo (2017). She graduates in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni (2018).

After her experience as an antique clothing restorer, she worked as burlesque costume designer. As fashion designer, she collaborated with various fashion professionals.
Her collection Cabinet Of Curiosities was featured in a runway show in partnership with Sartoria Fiorella Ciaboco at Palazzo Toscanini, Milano (2018).  She collaborated with concept store L’Officina del Sole and artisan Lorenzo Para, creating a capsule collection of jewels and buttons (2018). During the Toni Thorimbert experience, she collaborated with fashion photographer Toni Thorimbert shooting her collection MAXIminimum (2017).
Her collections were published on Fashion Magazine and Cose&Case (2018).

Design and Styling: Bianca Beltramello / /

Photography: Yvonne Vionnet / /

Makeup and hair: Letizia Galliano /
Sabrina Trentini /

Location: Boffetto Form To Furniture / /

Jewels and buttons: L’Officina Del Sole / /

Models: Simone D’Angelo signed at Brave Models /

Kieron Deiaco signed at Brave Models /

Alberto Diaco / sydney

Kristian Djuplasti signed at Urban Management /

Luca Maurino signed at Boom Models Agency /

Umberto Vacchelli /