CARTE BLANCHE – The Photography of Benjamin Edeline for Kurt Prynne

In celebration of their remarkable 4th anniversary, Berlin-based fashion label KURT PRYNNE proudly presents an extraordinary collaboration titled CARTE BLANCHE, featuring the remarkable talent of Paris-based photographer Benjamin Edeline.

Benjamin Edeline, known widely as the artistic alter ego behind the renowned online label “MENLAYERS”, skillfully captures the essence of gay iconography through his captivating photography. His work is thoughtfully influenced by the vibrant queer graphics from the electric eras of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Benjamin shares, “I have been an insatiably observant individual since my childhood, and the human body has always fascinated me greatly—its gestures, movements, articulations, and the duality of its power and vulnerability. My love for observation has kindled a profound interest in creating photographic series or sequences that delve into the nuances of movement or weave a compelling narrative.”

Renowned for boldly presenting “Uncomfortable Truths” on their iconic T-shirts, KURT stands as a fashion brand that champions creative freedom. When KURT approached Benjamin for this extraordinary collaboration, they graciously bestowed the talented artist with “Carte Blanche”, granting him complete artistic freedom to create captivating imagery utilizing select T-shirts from their esteemed collection. Benjamin shares his experience saying, “Working with a clothing brand as a photographer is an entirely fresh and exciting endeavour for me. It allowed me immense creative expression and was nothing short of an enjoyable experience.”

Inspired instantly by the diverse collection curated by KURT, Benjamin swiftly derived two creative elements that would weave seamlessly into his work—a vibrant yellow hue and the representation of a metal chain. Before immersing himself in the photoshoot, the dedicated artist meticulously sketched his vision. Upon reviewing these initial sketchings, KURT responded eagerly with an emphatic “yes!”—their shared vision resolutely aligning.

“I intentionally selected two distinct models who possess strikingly unique qualities, both divergent from those previously represented by the brand. The result astoundingly manifests before your eyes—an artistic marvel. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Kurt Prynne for granting me this golden opportunity to collaborate and for placing their unwavering trust in me!”, Benjamin explains.

As the blank page (“carte blanche”) transforms effortlessly into a breathtaking work of art, so too does the white T-shirt metamorphose into a canvas. Wearing our iconic statements such as KURT, ESSENTIALLY UNLOVEABLE, PUT ME ON YOUR INSTASTORY, and HETEROFUCKABLE, embrace the ability to portray your unique and personal message.

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring series brought to life by Benjamin Edeline and explore the groundbreaking Uncomfortable Truth collection, available in its entirety at Be captivated, be bold, and be part of the extraordinary journey that is CARTE BLANCHE.

Photography: Benjamin Edeline Instagram @benjaminmenlayers
Models / Instagram: @ozdoorbis, @julienb_pictures