Castello Sforzesco by Robert Wilde

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Robert Wilde captured Sandra Shyian @ Select Model Milano. Design and styling by Premoli di Bella (Giovanni Premoli and Dario di Bella).

this is the stand-out design created in traditional Bargello technique, the “Green Attitude” dress, designed and manufactured in Italy (and not in an Asia sweatshop)

“Green Attitude” dress, sustainable fashion, bargello technique, handcrafted in Italy.

“I met Dario di Bella and Giovanni Premoli first on the internet in 2019 as I loved their designs, particularly the “Green Attitude” dress that was created using traditional Bargello technique. In January 2020 I came to Milan and created a story about this dress and the other designs from that pattern.
Then the dark age of Corona came, and the quarantine confined the designers to their apartment. A crisis like these always challenges inventiveness. The fashion design was in large parts a one-on-one business, where clients would come in for measurement and would get a unique dress perfectly designed unto their body. With Corona, this business was getting slow.

But they did not despair. Unable to do anything else, they developed their online business and their bed and dog fashion collection pulled their brand out of the quagmire of quarantines and shutdowns.
Dario and Giovanni are already working on the next dress collection which they hope will be able to present in spring or early summer. And they have already ideas on how even a highly creative, smaller brand can prosper and face up to the big, corporate fashion brands.

The Castello Sforzesco, the castle of the Sforza, was built in Milan in the 15th century, built on the remnants of a 14th-century fortification, a symbol of the power and influence of Milan. It is a fascinating building and a great background for fashion that sees itself as part of the tradition of artists creating individual works of wearable art, counterbalancing the soulless and earth destroying evil of fast fashion. Sandra was a model from Select Model Milano, a leading agency of the town and very helpful to produce these non-commercial projects.”*Robert Wilde

photographer: Robert Wilde / @robertwilde1
Model: Sandra Shyian @ Select Model Milano @sandra.shyian
designer/styling: Premoli di Bella (Giovanni Premoli and Dario di Bella) @premolidibella