Celebrating the Vision and Voice of Trans* Artists: A Spotlight on Electronic Music

In honour of International Transgender Day of Visibility 2024, we turn up the volume on the groundbreaking electronic beats and soul-stirring melodies forged by trailblazing trans* artists. Today’s playlist, curated by our music editor Nicola Phillips, is a shimmering testament to creativity and courage.

Featuring luminaries such as SOPHIE, whose crystalline soundscapes have redefined pop music, ARCA, the avant-garde spirit weaving through the tapestry of electronica, Octo Octa with her deeply personal and body-moving symphonies, and Planningtorock, whose declarative compositions challenge societal conventions – this playlist is not just a collection of tracks, but a narrative of triumph and celebration.

Supporting our trans sisters and brothers goes beyond mere acknowledgement. It entails listening to and elevating their voices, engaging with their art, recognizing their struggles, and celebrating their victories. Music, powerful and universal, becomes a vital conduit for understanding, empathy, and solidarity. As the beats pound and the synth lines soar, each note encapsulates a battle won, a barrier broken, and a step towards a world where visibility is met with respect, dignity, and love.

Join us in this auditory embrace, immersing yourself in the vibrant energy and profound stories of trans* electronic music creators. Let’s pledge not just to listen, but to advocate and to act, championing a world that honours every hue and melody of the human experience.