Claire: Raseiniai EP Giveaway & Short Film

It all began a year ago when the Munich electro quintent’s equipment was stolen from a London gig. As the trail became cold in the UK, Claire received an anonymous phone call that tipped off where their gear had been taken to. With an anonymous email adding to this mysterious series of events, police were lead to the rural town of Raseiniai, Lithuania, ending in the raid of a gang hideout. The result is Claire’s new six-track EP Raseiniai on Island Records, with a brilliant short movie alongside it. To follow up the dramatic short, we are offering a lucky reader the chance to get their hands on a special vinyl which includes the EP, poster and a booklet. To enter just email Working alongside director Teresa Hoerl, we see the dramatised version of the informant’s point of view. Take a look below to watch the whole four-part movie!

Speaking about the experience, Claire say, “We decided soon after our bus and equipment were stolen to work through what had happened in our music. We are extremely grateful to the nameless informant. He is our unknown hero, and we have dedicated the EP to him.”

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