Closed Circuit by Charlotte Helwig

A KALTBLUT exclusive. A collaborative fashion editorial working with the unique graduation collection of Tim Stolte. The series, titled Closed Circuit is photographed by Charlotte Helwig. Model is Michail Rozimatov. Make-Up and Hair by Jean Michel Battirola. Styling and Art Direction by Jannis Witzel.

“Closed Circuit is a direct reference to CCTV; a constant flow of data and visuals collected from individuals to then be processed and stored in homogeneous data pools.
We photographed the series in places that are anchored in our visual memory and frequently visited by tourists in Berlin to correspond with the loud and lively collection from Tim. ” *Charlotte Helwig

Photography by Charlotte Helwig / / Instagram: @leotrok:_
Model is Michail Rozimatov / Instagram: @baxze
Styling and Art Direction by Jannis Witzel / Instagram: @jeltowitzel
Make-Up and Hair by Jean Michel Battirola / / Instagram: @jeanschoen_

Collection by Tim Stolte / Instagram: @timsto
Assistance by Georgina Bates / @gina_bates