Coast Along
 by Scott Hunter

A series of medium format photographs, taken along the Scottish River Forth, are presented as Japanese scrolls printed on washi paper. 

After struggling to come to terms with the passing of a loved one, the works explore themes of femininity, loss and isolation.

“Influenced by traditional Japanese scroll techniques, my objective is to persuade the viewer to explore the relationships between each image in more detail. 
 Whilst studying philosophy in Japanese art, I became particularly interested in the concept of ‘mono no aware’ which loosely translates as an awareness of impermanence, and a wistful sadness about this state being the reality of life. 
 This, alongside the zen principle of ‘Kanso’, meaning simplicity or elimination of clutter, helped to form the context and aesthetic of the project.”

Scott describes the project as “an honest and intimate ode to the everyday struggles one must endure, detach from, then overcome.”

Fine art photographer who has earned recognition for a subtle, contemplative style. Scott’s work takes on a delicate aesthetic that defies the glossy sheen of commercial photography. With an innovative approach to print and presentation, his recent ‘Coast Along’ project was shortlisted for the KG+ Award 2018 at Kyotographie International Photography festival in Japan. Scott has exhibited in Europe, Asia and America.