Colossus! Introducing Fashion Design Student: Hazem Ali

One To Watch: Hazem Ali. A Fashion Design Student in the 3rd year at AMD Akademie Mode & Design (Düsseldorf ). The young Egypt designer is presenting his collection: Colossus! Photography by Frank Dursthoff. Make up and hair by Punthip Schramm. Models are Bingyang Liu, Andrea Kapenda, Carolin Palarczyk, Marco Röchow. 

“Clossus , is my first collection is inspired from the poems of American poet Sylvia Plath, the colossus is about what happens when life becomes so still, when we are driven to do the same thing every single day. The photos shot by Frank Dursthoff starts in series like photos, it was his first cooperation with a fashion student, he was able to bring the collection to life with a very talented eye for colour and form. Aquatic nocturne is based on the same poem by Sylvia, a mesmerizing shade of blues and Mystic Violet was selected with textiles that imitate with alien- and animal-like markings.

Reptile skins are transformed with jacquards adopt weirdly beautiful optical effects, enhanced by shimmer and dimension. The collection is a  breed between human and the ocean world, takes us to a dream world under the sea, where all so pretty all so still. It moves then to the colossus poem where we are questioned if that’s all what we want out of life or if there’s something more to offer. A call to break a rule or take a chance of what we are afraid of but what’s life but a big chance after all.” – Hazem Ali

“Originally from Egypt, a big city guy from Cairo. I will be starting my 4th semester in fashion in weeks from now. I was fascinated by fashion since I was a child although I did not know where to really start from. An artist meets designer meets the cool guy on the street, that I can only describe myself. For me fashion has its own language, it can be theatrical, extreme controversial or emotional. it is not only fabrics. It should tell a story, what I do create has to do with something personal so it is more real and it can touch other people too. There’s no fashion study where I come from so I tried to teach myself how to illustrate my ideas. 7. so I started creating heads with embellishments then accessories. I applied to school with a big portfolio that was even too heavy for me to carry. I had even no idea what I was doing, I was given a year to fix the German skills then I made it. I would be more attached to my professors so the school became home and I was gladly awarded a scholarship for my creative work since I started school. In the eye of a foreigner like me, everything started to shape itself as an element of inspiration. How people dress up, eat, talk. There was always that debate about men, what is effeminate and what’s masculine in showing emotions. I could not define myself in any category, I do not like rules and I will just bend them to be fine so I started to let it out in what I create.” – Hazem Ali

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Fashion design Student: Hazem Ali / Instagram: @haz_sam
Fashion University: AMD Hochschule Fresenius – Düsseldorf / /
Instagram: @my.amd

Photography by Frank Dursthoff / /
Instagram: @frank_dursthoff

Model: Bingyang Liu / Instagram: @bingyang_liu

         Andrea Kapenda / Instagram: @kajzone

            Carolin Palarczyk / Instagram: @juliii14

            Marco Röchow / Instagram: @marco_roechow

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist by Punthip Schramm / /
Instagram: @punthipschramm

Make Up Artist Assistant by Heidi Kincaid / /
Instagram: @magpiemakeup

Fabrics by Fabric House / / Instagram: @fabric_house_eu