Concoction by Yitian Zhang

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Yitian Zhang, a fashion photographer based in New York and China. Expressing the female image in my mind in a way of traditional and modern contrast. Model is lily signed by Emg models. Makeup artist is Mitch Yoshida. Hairstylist is Ben Martin. Styling by Yitian Zhang. Fashion designer is Xiaowu Zheng. Special thanks to Meilin Gao.

Photography by Yitian Zhang / instagram: @andreaczyt
Makeup artist is Mitch Yoshida / instagram: @mitchyoshida_mua
Hairstylist is Ben Martin / instagram: @mrredbeard
Model is lily signed by Emg models
/ instagram: @liliyakalkamanova from @emg_models
Styling by Yitian Zhang / instagram: @andreaczyt
Fashion designer is Xiaowu Zheng / instagram: @xiaowu_zheng_ishere
Special thanks to Meilin Gao / instagram: @meilin_gao_