CUMMI by Dominik Musewitsch

Introducing fashion designer Dominik Musewitsch! Photography by Dennis Haase. Models are Bastian Fährmann from M4 Models and Lev Puchinin. Makeup and hair by by Jasmin Erb. Assistance by Liska Speranskaja and Veronika Hopponen.

“For my Bachelors collection CUMMI graduating from The University of the Arts Berlin 2021, I came together with Photographer Dennis Haase, Hair & Make up artist Jasmin Erb, and Assistant Liska Speranskaja. The Models are Bastian Fährmann and Lev Puchinin.

My name is Dominik Musewitsch, I am 24 year old and originally born in Germany with Russian heritage. I moved to Berlin back in 2016, to start my education at the Universität der Künste Berlin . What brought me to pursue my studies in Berlin, was the sexual diversity of the city. Something I longed to further explore, growing up in a rather small and conservative town. During my studies, I have continually been exploring the theme of sexual identification and the intimate concept of integrating different textiles and their contrasting characteristics.

For my bachelors collection I have been exploring the subculture of fetishwear in the framework of convenient clothing. While researching what makes clothing sexually appealing, such as the trenchcoat, the corset and various underwear. What I came to the conclusion to was that it’s very easy to shift the connotation when it did not take place in the context it was meant to take place in.

I always found rubber a fascinating material. Rubber is a material that we constantly come across in our daily life, but nevertheless there’s still something very sexual about it. By showing the variety of the material and therefore making it accessible to a wide range of people, I achieved to present rubber in a new light where it has overcome its sexual association. An example would be the rubber skirt that is screen printed with velvet in order to be taken out of its original context or the tailored jacket that has been constructed with a zipper revealing the body.

What brought me to this specific study was my experience working as an intern for a locally produced rubber fetish label in Schöneberg Berlin, where I learned the subculture of producing latex wear. In addition to the complex technical aspect of latex production, my initial idea was to open the materiality of latex to a wider audience. I am looking forward to seeing how my experimental work will evolve in the future, and to explore the endless opportunities  working with Latex.”

Fashion by Dominik Musewitsch / Instagram: @dominik_demonic
Photography by Dennis Haase / Instagram: @maison.gogo

Models are Bastian Fährmann / Instagram: @bastihan
from M4 Models Management / Instagram: @m4models
& Lev Puchinin / Instagram: @gexbyby

MUAH by Jasmin Erb / Instagram: @jasmin_erb

Assistance by Liska Speranskaja / Instagram: @liska1.0
& Veronika Hopponen / Instagram: @veronikahopponen